[Thoughts] On Suppressors Versus Silencers

  Let’s set this straight: To silence something is to go undetected by the human ear. Basically, it didn’t happen according to Sentry A. To suppress something is to smother a noise to the point of escaping faraway ears or making it inconspicuous. Basically, Sentry A waves it off as a butt-burp from Sentry B. […]

[Thoughts] On XCOM 2’s Story Setting

I’ve sunk a few hours into XCOM 2 and I’m looking forward to more. It’s got a few performance tune-ups due (which apparently Firaxis is going nuts fixing as of writing this), but it’s a challenging and exciting experience: everything that any XCOM fan would have wanted. If there was one thing that I think a […]

[Daydream] About Future Infantry Warfare

If the conflicts in the Middle East have shown us anything, it’s that robots have a place on the battlefield. With flying drones high above surveilling and bombing targets to the treaded EOD bots coming crawling towards IEDs, they have time and time again displayed their vast utility. Now let’s take a look at what your typical small tactics unit […]

[Thoughts] On A Proper Gundam Video Game

Versatility is one word that I would use to explain Gundam’s countless incarnations in video games. You have your dime-a-dozen third person hack ‘n slashes, more realistic and slow simulator pilot games, 2D fighting games, and even weird collection card games. Hell, I’m almost 99% sure that there’s some kind of dating sim game starring popular […]

[Thoughts] On The Future of Weapons

TheFirearmBlog published a pretty interesting post asking if small arms technology has plateaued. And while I find the blog overall relevant to my own interest in firearms, this post in particular piqued my interest. What’s interesting to me is that the author doesn’t necessarily talk about possible futuristic weapons but rather pulls out to see the larger picture: mass […]